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Mesmerizing Image of Fluid Dynamics in Motion
A Mach 1.2 shock wave hits a cylinder of denser gas (white) in still air (black), causing instability to increase over time and eventually mix.

source 1, 2(Image credit: S. Shankar et al.)
Mesmerizing Image of Fluid Dynamics in Motion

A Mach 1.2 shock wave hits a cylinder of denser gas (white) in still air (black), causing instability to increase over time and eventually mix.
source 1, 2
(Image credit: S. Shankar et al.)

Incredible Vintage Animated Gifs

Nearly 155 years before the first animated gif appeared in 1887, Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau unveiled an invention called the phenakistoscope, a device that is largely considered to be the first mechanism for true animation. The simple gadget relied on the persistence of the vision principle to create the illusion of images in motion.

The phenakistoscope used a spinning disc attached vertically to a handle. Arrayed around the disc’s center were a series of drawings showing phases of the animation, and cut through it were a series of equally spaced radial slits. The user would spin the disc and look through the moving slits at the disc’s reflection in a mirror. The scanning of the slits across the reflected images kept them from simply blurring together, so that the user would see a rapid succession of images that appeared to be a single moving picture.

Though Plateau is credited with inventing the device, there were numerous other mathematicians and physicists who were working on similar ideas around the same time, and they too were building on the works of Greek mathematician Euclid and Sir Isaac Newton who had also identified the principles behind the phenakistoscope.

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Banksy Street Art Turned into Gifs

Serbian Tumblr gif artist ABVH has created animations based on some of Banksy’s iconic street art. These animations give life to Banksy’s poignant (but static) images by enlivening the experience of humor and absurdity that accompanies much of Banksy’s work. These gifs first began to appear in September 2012. Since then, ABVH has created a few more images, the latest of which was posted just last week. (via we the urban)

(Source: beautifuldecay.com)

Halloween Gifs from The NIghtmare Before Christmas

This is Halloween! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! Halloween, halloween, halloween, halloweeeeennnnnn!

It’s also the 20th anniversary of the film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

(Source: perezhilton.com)

The Amazing Largest Land Art Portrait in the UK

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada and his team have completed the largest land art portrait in the United Kingdom. Entitled Wish,the artwork is a portrait of an anonymous Belfast child. This enormous 11 acre piece of land art has been years in the making, depicting a native child and the magnitude of a single wish. Phase 1 of the project consisted of Rodriguez-Gerada and his team of landscape architects utilizing the latest in GPS transponder technologies to lay out more than 30,000 wooden stakes to this gigantic plot of land. During phase 2, it began to get serious with the painstaking task of laying the ground work with more than 4,000 tons of topsoil, sand, grass and stone: roughly 8 million pounds of natural materials. The actual project labor was completed in just four weeks, and sits in the Titanic Quarter in the city of Belfast. The final work is visible by airplane and the highest points in Belfast until December 2013.

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Lighted Fairy Woodhouses

Boston-based freelance artist Daniel Barreto combined houses with trees in a series of lovely photo manipulations titled Woodhouses. Barreto photographed parts of houses around Boston, and superimposed them onto images of tree trunks that he had taken in New Hampshire. The charming Woodhouses were even animated for effect, and resemble fairy’s houses in an enchanted forest. 

(Source: designtaxi.com)