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Fairies, Nymphs, & Demons - A Bizarre Collection of Strange Specimens

The specimens of Alex CF feature an incredible collection of cryptozoology. His page features amazing stories behind his collection that include descriptions of demons, fairies, nymphs, and other assorted oddities. His pieces are for sale.

(Source: alexcf.com)

Vintage Portraits Transform into Ghoulish Images

"Haunted Memories" created by artist Edward Allen. He takes vintage photographs and makes what are called changing portraits, much like the ones you see in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction. Looking at the photographs straight on, you see a normal, unaltered picture; when the photos are viewed from a slightly different angle, the faces in the image morph into frightening creatures (as pictured above). Each picture is shown as two, to allow the viewer to see the before and after effects; in fact there is only one picture which transforms from one view to the other.

Now we know where the famous vintage Buckley Family portrait, with the children holding their mother’s head next to her decapitated corpse, came from. Another Internet meme exposed!

(Source: changingportraits.com)

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House For Sale by (scorned, slightly bitter, newly single) Owner

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House For Sale by (scorned, slightly bitter, newly single) Owner

Vintage Gas Masks

Gas masks! From their ominous, urgent utilitarian nature to the way they transform the wearer into a pseudo robotic, alien like being. We fucking love them! Here we have two examples of military gas masks and one which I believe to be civilian. Great for display, set props or filtering out poisonous or harmful elements from your immediate environment so you can breathe.  These are available for purchase - should you feel a war coming on.

(Source: dollypythonvintage.com)

Zombie Dolls

Mila Zombie Girl, Leech Girl, and Little Brown Fiend

(Source: theoddluminary.com)