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The father of all science fiction films, this film – with a stunning restoration including missing footage and a wild new musical accompaniment – is presently enjoying a renewed interest. Just the design elements created for it are alive and well today. For its Fall 1927 release in England, Wardour distributed the film, calling it “The screens sensation of the age!” and “A U.F.A. Masterpiece.” Both statements hold true today.

Starring Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, and Gustav Frohlich and directed by Fritz Lang, this is a silent, German-Expressionist, science fiction film. The stunning special effects and design rival any of our state-of-the-art technical achievements of today.

The story is set in the future where humans are divided into two categories: thinkers and workers. Neither group understands the other, nor have a sense of fulfillment. A man, one of the thinkers, dares to venture into the land of the workers, and from that time there is great uprising.

(Source: meansheets.com)