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Seeing History in Color

Colorization has become increasingly popular lately, and the creators behind this new breed of updated imagery use all the technological resources of the last 20 years to strive for more than just plausibility — their aim is for historical authenticity. Image specialist Jordan J. Lloyd has achieved a way to do so that pays homage to the photo and to history.

Lloyd is a specialist at a digital image agency and his work there is something of a digital counterpart to what wax workers at Madame Tussaud’s do while making their human sculptures — he provides the nuance that creates an illusion of vitality. While anyone with a computer and the financial resources could potentially try their hand at colorization, however like most pursuits it takes someone devoted to the craft to master it, with coloring that looks natural and real:

  1. Reality standing in front of contradiction, 1930s
  2. Unemployed lumber worker, circa 1939
  3. Hindenburg Disaster – May 6, 1937
  4. Auto wreck in Washington D.C, 1921
  5. Kissing the war goodbye, V-J Day August 14, 1945
  6. Albert Einstein, Nassau Point, Long Island, NY, Summer 1939
  7. "Old Gold," country store, 1939
  8. British troops cheerfully board their train for the first stage of their trip to the front – England, September 20, 1939
  9. Thich Quang Duc, 1963

(Source: fastcocreate.com)

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