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The Gateway to Hell

The small town of Stull, Kansas, has a notorious reputation. It is said that its small cemetery is where Satan appears in person, having been materializing there since the 1850s. The town was originally named Skull, but was changed to Stull to cover its association with black magic.

According to local legend, the devil appears in Stull Cemetery on the night of the Spring Equinox and on Halloween in the ruins of the old church. There is a story that tells of Lucifer having a child by a witch in Stull and that it is buried in this cemetery. Some around here will tell you about the story that appeared in the early 1990s in Time Magazine about Pope John Paul II. According to the story, the pope asked that his airplane route be changed so he did not fly over the ‘unholy ground’ in eastern Kansas.  Even musicians avoid this place; supposedly the band the Cure refused to play in Kansas because it brought them too close to the hell-gate. For years, stories of witchcraft, ghosts and supernatural happenings have surrounded the old graveyard and church.

It was claimed that despite not having a roof, no rain would fall inside the old church. The decrepit cross on the wall would invert at midnight. People said they have been subjected to a strong wind that held them down on a still night and sinister growls would come out of thin air encircling passersby. Almost everyone you speak to has a story about how ‘something’ happened to them at Stull. Almost everyone except for the 30 or so of the residents of Stull.

Locals claim that the only thing special about their cemetery is the fact that their loved ones are buried there. Furthermore, town residents are annoyed that so many people believe the stories and are tired of their cemetery being vandalized by gatherings of unruly college kids and so-called Satan worshipers.

(Source: darkendofthestreet.net)

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