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Human Corpses as Art

The infamous German anatomist, Gunther von Hagens, is the man who has earned himself a rather weird reputation of ‘Mr. Death’ by turning corpses alive. He is the developer and promoter of the Body World exhibit which features dead people engaged in a variety of everyday activities from playing chess to dancing. The skin and several layers of body tissues are peeled in order to give the audience a closer look at the secrets of human life and death.

The bodies are prepared and preserved by a special process called plastination which was also invented by Gunther von Hagens. Plastination involves the replacement of muscle water and fat by certain plastics, yielding specimens which are odorless, decay-proof and rigid, allowing them to be posed in lifelike positions. While many people are fascinated by Gunther’s unusual art, he’s not famous among all of them. The Body World exhibit is banned in many parts of the world including Paris and Poland. Gunther von Hagens has faced serious criticism, especially from religious groups who object to the display of human remains. For many religious groups, the practice is disrespecting the dead.

(Source: oddityjournal.com)

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