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Curious History:  1860’s Victorian/Civil War Hairstyles

All women, whether children or adult, were expected to have long hair. The custom, however, was for married women to wear their hair up. As a sign of being single, young Victorian era women could wear there hair down. This was a sign that the woman was not betrothed and available for courtship. Otherwise wearing one’s hair down was for the bedroom. There were many styles that women learned to painstakingly recreate through magazines and would wear the style for weeks. The first picture is of Mary Lincoln Todd, Abraham Lincoln’s wife, wearing a very fashionable hairstyle during the Civil War era.

Pictured above are Victorian hair styles and headdresses that were highlighted in a series of 1860s photographs and magazine illustrations. A list of hairstyles and ornamentation included:  a string of pansies, lilac velvet petunias, tufts of white feathers, spring curls, tortoise shell hair clips, and wreaths of white forget-me-nots.

(Source: victoriana.com)

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