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Toads Entombed in Stone and Coal Found Alive After Hundreds of Years

It is one of the strangest phenomena reported. Something that can’t happen, but stories saying it does turn up again and again anyway. Stories of animals found alive locked deep within stone or wood, with no observable way they could have entered. This is the mystery of entombed animals.

According to official and reputable sources there have been over 90 recorded unexplained cases of amphibians being found alive but fully encased in coal pockets or stone geodes.  Of these cases, 40 involved frogs or toads. The most well respected case is documented in the Reader’s Digest book – “Mysteries of the Unexplained”.  There is a pattern to the various discoveries.  In most cases the frog is discovered in a chamber full of mucous and is usually very pale or white in colour.  After a few minutes exposed to air it comes-to-life and is usually quite active for a short while before turning grey and apparently developing respiratory difficulties.  In most cases the animal dies within 24 to 72 hours but there are some references that when these poor creatures were quickly allowed into fresh pond water they seem to have survived indefinitely.

(Source: aquiziam.com)

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